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 What Listeners are saying about "A Sacred Place"

From Michele M., Ph.D., BodyMindSpirit Arts and Education

"This is an exceptional piece and it was a wonderful experience for the students. They loved it."

Tani C.

 "Calming...nice to unwind to after a full day."

From Mike W.

"Just finished listening to A Sacred Place, Guided Meditation.

I found in listening to this CD a reservoir of serenity."

Annetta "Nettie" M., Writer, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach

".  . . gifts my soul with a quietness, sense of peace and stillness in 8 minutes that nothing else has done as quickly."

The Written Word From Nine Talented Women.

Karen Hunley-Pifher


Jean Jay


Sue Mogan-Mattison


Kate McSweeney


MJ Abell


Sara Phelps


Tani Colvin


Susan Crawford


Linda Farrenkopf


Spoken Word, Sharon West


Vocals, Sara Phelps


Photos by Christina Merrill


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Ten Women who nurture the creative spirit and center the soul. With their poetry and music they strive to foster inspiration, self-expression, community, and joy. They are committed to encouraging the creative gifts in everyone.

Sara Phelps

Sue Mogan-Mattison

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