Reaching out through words & music


  • Cover Art....

    The comfort of a woman’s bosom is what gave way to this piece. My Mother's bosom, mine for my children and often a close friend. The solace that is found near the heart, I saw generations of women gathered in spirit and memory. The chain of our voices handed down by a gesture or a word of wisdom. How to put this on paper I pondered for many days. Jotted notes, tore pictures, and pulled trinkets from my jewelry box.

  • The silver locket....

    The silver locket was my mother's that has remnants of a sketch peeking out (I imagine the sketch is of her and my father, drawn by her). There is mention of generations past with the photo of my Aunt Wendy and the little black and white photo of three children above her head. The Sacred Heart hangs around the model's neck on the gold chain as the continuum of our voice, and the power of our stories, our love and our hearts.


  • More....

    "The Conception" and the "Three Graces" gather to suggest the network of women together weaving humanity, with intent to heal and give comfort.


    Bosom by

    Jean Jay

  • Echoes of the Heart, Song & Verse — Review....

    There is a large audience for Echoes of the Heart / Song & Verse across the United States.  This product must find those listeners/readers who are travelers through changing concepts of home, spirituality, healing, family--the journey.  Production quality on this CD is high, Sharon West's voice is mellow and uniform, the music is well-paced and does not distract from the poetry, the poetry will bring new ears to the written word.


    Jennifer Bosveld

    Director, Pudding House Writers Innovation Center

    Editor, Prayers to Protest: Poems that Center & Bless Us


Concept: Jack Rees

Written Words: MJ Abell, Tani Colvin, Susan Crawford, Linda Farrenkopf, Jean Jay,

Karen Hunley-Pifher,  Sue Mogan-Mattison, Kate McSweeney, and Sara Phelps.

Spoken Word: Sharon West.

Produced & Directed by Walter Watkins

Music composed and directed by Jim Curlis & Jim Luellen

Bittersweet composed by Sue Mogan-MattisonVocal: Sara Phelps  Cover Art: Jean Jay


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